YG and Mozzy shared their shared hostility on “Too Brazy.” Maintaining a double life as a community leader and recording artist is exhausting. Mozzy may be far less consumed by his image than YG, but only because he’s been interlocked by distractions stunting his progression. Their decision to trade bars is logical in a sense of shared personal conduct and/or pride. Mozzy like no other guest on STAY DANGEROUS, carries himself with an inflated chest like Eliot Ness.

Not only do YG & Mozzy share many personal values, but they both express an unbending desire to recreate the historical timeline of West Coast Hoo-Bangin’ rap. Mozzy imbues his performance with utterances of factual merit, like his 2 years prison sentence which was ultimately reduced to a period of probation which restricted him from leaving the state of California. While YG’s vocal musings are less surgical, they aren’t ostensibly any less accurate. Pivot slowly as a passer-by, if you ever come into contact with the Grinch’s smile.

Quotable Lyrics:

Two bands for the drac’, give me two of those
Twenty for a P, ‘less you buying two or more
Stomped down, ease ’em over twenty toes
Two Ms in the bank, fuck the twenty roll
Judge gave me two years for my n**** pole
Two outta town tucks, never be at home
Two grams in the wood, we be breathin’ dope
Two n****s bangin’ bloods and we keep the 4



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