Asian Doll’s new track “Southside” is named for the producer of the song, Southside. Earlier this year she was signed by Gucci Mane and most of this song ends up being a tribute to the her new arrangement with 1017 Eskimo. She does Gucci’s classic “brrrr” to start the song and flashes not one but two 1017 chains around her neck. But, she’s not to be overshadowed, she describes herself as the “hardest female in this shit” at the young age of 21.

Earlier this year Asian Doll released Doll SZN and now she’s apparently working on a joint mixtapewith her new label boss to be released….someday.

The song also released with a music video where Asian Doll stunts in front of a McLaren with impeccable colour-coordination, based around Asian Doll’s orange bike shorts and backpack (with hood attached) and Southside sitting beside her in a matching orange hat.

Quotable Lyrics

Put that beam right to your head, while I’m getting naughty
Forty make you burn, it make your motherfucking block hot
Any bitch that want it, she gon’ get it, I’m the top notch
Asian I’m the princess, wanna pop it on his pizzle
Made him eat me like a skittle
I got niggas, they some hittas
Wanna taste me? Just a little
Wanna taste me? Just a little
Wanna taste me? Just a little
Wanna taste me? Just a little


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