Mp3 DOWNLOAD : NC-17 – Travis Scott Feat. 21 Savage

Travis Scott chose not to rewrite his richly-layered recipe book on Astroworld. “NC-17” is hardly a sore spot; both Travis and 21 Savage prove at once that psychology exists between sex and violence. It’s a notion they’ve only begun to explore thematically, and perhaps on a level of personal engagemant. Say your partner wants to drop a finger in the nether regions, the “NC-17” bumper sticker comes in handy. The same can be said for 21 Savage or Travis when bae hits ’em for extra innings, the “NC-17” tagline thus becomes the proverbial sock on the doorknob.

Scott rests an assault rifle next to his bird-making nest, 21 pulls a swap mid-session. To differentiate one from the other is incalculable because the real answers lay ahead. Whether he’d be willing to admit, and judging by the company he keeps, Travis Scott is still figuring out his definition of psychosexual and how it fits into the grand scheme of things.


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