For a moment, upon playing Cypress Hill’s “Band Of Gypsies,” I temporarily forgot what I was listening to, instead, staring confused at my desktop monitor, wondering what manner of trouble I was getting myself into as unfamiliar voices began to fill the headphones, I found myself transported to a most peculiar place, no longer seated at my desk, but somewhere else entirely, surrounded by the subtle scent of hashish and guitars eternally looping the phrygian dominant scale, when eventually B-Real emerged onto the scene, bringing forth memories of “Rap Superstar” and “Insane In The Membrane,” leaving me to wonder if I was subjected to such a fate, when eventually I came to realize that I was not transported back to simpler times, but rather witnessing the latest single from the legendary collective Cypress Hill, set to spark official rollout for Elephants On Acid, and thus, brewing theories on whether or not their eighth studio endeavor is, in fact, Dumbo themed.

Quotable Lyrics

ياعم يابتاع الحشيش انا عايز حشيشة طري
أستنى يا بي ريل دا الواجب دا عليا
الحشيشة اللي في جيبوا غير الحشيشة اللي في ايديا
ونصطبح انا وانت ونولع الدنيا
ونشرب سطفا حلوة ونسميها كايروفورنيا


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