Mp3 DOWNLOAD : 80 BANDS – Z Money

When Z Money first emerged, he felt very much like Chicago’s answer to Gucci Mane, which makes his recent signing to Gucci’s 1017 Eskimo all the more appropriate. While the marble-mouthed way he plays with words is still very Guwopian, on “100 Bands,” he continues to go in a hazier, less structured direction. Lil Mexico’s shape-shifting production seems to hover around his flow rather than below it, framing his effortless wordplay with sci-fi futurism. He’s able to give the simplest of punchlines a clever angle: “So serious with this money I can’t even crack a smile.”

As fellow Chicagoan Valee rises to prominence, it seems only right that a like-minded emcee such as ZMoney be granted the spotlight he deserved when he first made waves a few years back. Under Gucci’s mentorship, he’ll surely have a long career ahead of him.


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