Amilli Ft H.O.M.A – “9 – 5” [MUSIC]


Amilli is a young artist who possesses versatility as well as passion. Born and breed in Port Harcourt , He picked up the love for music
at the age of 17, he is determined to raise the bar of music expected from his city with his unique creativity.
H.O.M.A (pronounced Homa) is a Rivers idigene, roots traced back to ubima he grew up in Port Harcourt, Enekah and Rumudara.
With an ear for symphonies, he never hestitates to put in his every bit of profound creativity to his craft.
He is not just a gifted vocalist, his core values enlists in believe, hardwork and consistency.

The single 9 to 5 envelopes it’s listener around the experiences of a young adult’s struggles with his environment.
In Amilli’s words “9 to 5 was a song made out of my past experiences and the changes i was going through at that point in time,
focusing on self realization and expression, the song was inspired by the people and things around me”.
True Art is best presented when it is an experience. Also asserting to that is H.O.M.A, who instantly felt a connection to it
when he first heard the original piece. His intuition immediately emitted Sparks of creativity that is heard on his verse.


Following the success of Amilli’s performance in the debut single “PACIFIC” with A.D.A.N, 9 to 5 promises to keep ears satisfied
and wanting more. This sound is coming through from the BLACK FEDERATION, an indie record label in Port Harcourt.
They are a crew of Eclectic creatives with a lot of tricks under their sleeves. For more information, Promo request,
or to set up an interview please use Social media and contact information below.

Mixed and Mastered by King Riley.
We only give SOLID jams




Download “9-5 by Amilli Ft H.O.M.A” Amilli-9-5-ft-H.O.M.A.mp3 – Downloaded 104 times – 6 MB


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